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For a denture to succeed, three items must be present:

  • Stability
  • Support
  • Retention


When you lose your teeth and you wear a removable denture, the remaining bone will start to deteriorate, thus reducing the amount of stability, support and retention for the denture.

At Obeid Dental we recommend placing a few implants to help restore the loss of function. Adding dental implants will help in preserving the bone height. Dental implants will also improve your diet, by having a stable denture, your ability to chew will open your world to foods you would otherwise be avoiding.

The more implants that you receive , the more retention and stability will be provided to your denture. Dr. Obeid will discuss all of your options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We are very sensitive to your financial needs as most of this work will be an out of pocket expense.

Dentures Before & After
Chevy Chase MD Denture Dentist
Dr. Youssef Obeid Chevy Chase MD Denture Dentist
Dr. Youssef Obeid Chevy Chase MD Denture Dentist
Dr. Youssef Obeid Chevy Chase MD Denture Dentist
Four implants supported removable dentures
Digital dentures
Four implants supported removable dentures
Four implants supported removable dentures

Replacing old worn-out dentures

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Dentures FAQs
Dentures are a removable prosthetic used to replace a few or all missing teeth. Historically, dentures were used as a final course of treatment, when no other options were available to repair or restore a patient’s teeth.
As with any dental restoration, dentures will need go be checked, repaired and replaced periodically.
For a denture to be successful, it needs retention, resistance and stability. After wearing dentures for some period, any of these factors can be compromised. Placing a few implants will restore denture retention and resistance, and because the denture has new ‘anchors’, they are more stable.The dentures and the attachment mechanism (small plastic clips) need to be replaced periodically to ensure a good fit. An implant denture is still a removable denture but with added retention.
Immediate dentures are delivered during the same appointment as teeth extraction. They will provide a timely aesthetic, but they can be hard to fit and require periodic relining. They will provide a transition to the final denture and allow for the bone and gum to heal and take shape.
A partial denture replaces a few of your missing teeth and are retained by hooking to your existing remaining teeth. Their structure can be made of metal or acrylic. We are also able to fabricate partials digitally.
Digital Dentures are the newest development in dentistry. They require different processes and materials than traditional materials. They are computer designed and milled from materials that have been previously cured. This ensures that a better fit and increased durability. The materials can also be highly polished, which limits the amount of food and odor causing bacteria that can stick to it. Lastly, the exact specifications of your dentures are retained as a digital file. If they are lost or damaged a new set can be made with the push of a button.
If they are well constructed, adjustment can be quick. Typically, all first time denture wearers require a longer period to become accustomed to wearing something removable in their mouth.
Your appearance should be enhanced by dentures that are well constructed.
After the adjustment period, well constructed dentures will not affect your speech.
A well made denture, that is stable in the mouth is not easily detected.
You will need to see a dentist regularly even with dentures. Your dentist will evaluate the fit of your dentures, the status of the supporting base and evaluate any signs of changes to your gums or signs of irritation.