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Dr. Youssef Obeid Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Youssef Obeid is a Board Certified Prosthodontist
Dr. Youssef Obeid is a Board Certified Prosthodontist

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Obeid for complicated and difficult dental work. Dr. Obeid treated problems that I had with painful molars on both sides of my mouth. His state… read more

    darknessabyss alt
    diciembre 18, 2023

    Outstanding!!! I had a full mouth restoration to include a six tooth bridge and all new crowns. Dr Obeid is a perfectionist and my teeth look and work great. I… read more

    marty delargy
    noviembre 18, 2023

    We had an exceptional experience with Dr. Obeid and his team! They were very patient and supportive of our 9 year-old who had cracked just over half of her… read more

    Sarah Hulsey
    octubre 18, 2023
  • I recently had an exceptional experience at this dental office following a scooter accident that caused trauma to my front tooth, causing it to darken significantly. Everyone on staff (i.e.,… read more

    Ashley Saffold
    octubre 18, 2023

    The entire staff was terrific. From reception and billing to the actual work on my mouth, everything was smooth. The new obturator fits well, and it didn’t take… read more

    Karen Deaver
    septiembre 18, 2023

    Worth the cost! Dr. Obeid is very experienced and knowledgeable regarding dental implants. He worked with me to get a permanent dental implant and worked meticulously to get the right… read more

    Erika Dilawari
    agosto 18, 2023
  • I cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Obeid and his team. Everyone here was kind and extremely helpful. Thank you all for everything you have done to help… read more

    Ben Rozner
    abril 18, 2023

    Dr Obeid is the best cosmetic dentist in the area, losing a baby tooth at 40 was embarrasing because it left a gap on my front teeth. Dr… read more

    Ricardo Villalba
    abril 18, 2023

    I am a new patient of Dr. Obeid. I came to know of him thru another patient who let me see his dental expertise in her mouth. I was impress!… read more

    abril 18, 2023
  • I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Obeid and to his staff for the care and treatment I received. I approached Dr. Obeid needing replacement dentures.… read more

    febrero 18, 2023

    The staff at Obeid is very efficient and friendly. Ginny, the hygienist, is thorough and informative about good maintenance practices. Dr. Obeid is great… very professional and personable at the… read more

    Wendy Faxon
    enero 18, 2023

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Obeid’s for several years. The staff is wonderful. You’ve got to be greeted by Zaino…he’s the sweetest. I got an implant and new tooth… read more

    Karen Papanicolas
    enero 18, 2023
  • I love Obied dental, Zaino is the best comfort animal who is always there to greet you. If you are afraid or allergic they will make it possible for you… read more

    Nari N
    enero 18, 2023

    Dr. Obeid is a true problem solver for those with difficult (and seemingly insurmountable) dental issues. Also a kind and compassionate professional.

    Susan Hunt
    enero 18, 2023

    Excellent job. I can eat again. Wonderful care and service. Highly recommend Obeid Dental.

    I Robertson
    enero 18, 2023
  • I never leave reviews but if someone gives you your smile and confidence back how could I not say THANK YOU!!!!! Dr Obied and his staff are wonderful and have… read more

    Nina W
    enero 18, 2023

    This is a great dentist and efficient office. All staff and the doctor are welcoming, kind, helpful and the quality of care is the best! For… read more

    ilze ruditis
    enero 18, 2022

    Dr Obeid and his staff are professional and very kind. My career was in the dental field for 47 years and I can say I would highly recommend him.

    Jamie Marx
    enero 18, 2022
  • The office staff is very helpful and friendly. And Dr. Obeid is very professional and caring. While not especially inexpensive I would definitely recommend this dentist and office

    Nancy Provorny
    enero 18, 2022

    Dr. Obeid is hands down the best out there. I was brought in after breaking my front tooth in a waterpark accident. It was heartbreaking since I couldn’t let myself… read more

    Sophia Abedellatif
    enero 18, 2022

    Dr. Obeid is by far and away the best Prosthodontist/Dentist that I have ever visited. I have seen multiple dentists over the past 10 years for a single front tooth… read more

    Charles Crawford-Silva
    enero 18, 2022
  • April 16, 2021, my oral health has started a transformation. Doctor Obeid, such a genius for oral care and his top dental assistance by his side and my side… read more

    Almaz Diamond
    enero 18, 2022

    I was a total wreck on Tuesday 04/06/2021, my first initial visit at Obeiddental, and still a work in progress. Dr. Obeid, and the entire staff gave me so… read more

    Moaketa Duffy
    enero 18, 2022

    Dr Obeid and his staff were the best thing that ever happened to my teeth, not only for my health but also my smile. For 60 years I had lived… read more

    Joan Edwards
    enero 18, 2022
  • This is by far the best dental group I have been to in a long time. The staff is wonderful and caring. From the front office to the Dr Obaid… read more

    Irina Dobina
    enero 18, 2021

    My 16 yr old daughter has been a patient if Dr Obeid for three years. Working in conjunction with our orthodontist, Dr. Obeid gave her a whole new smile! We… read more

    Maura Smith
    enero 18, 2021

    Over the years, I had seen several dentists to get some challenging dental (reconstruction) work done, but none were able to provide the treatment I needed. My bite was not… read more

    Christine K.
    enero 18, 2021
  • My dental health was deteriorating, and I needed help fast. I had an infection that was getting worse and worse. Even though I am a senior citizen, I… read more

    J. M.
    enero 18, 2021

    My daughter came in with a chipped tooth and Dr.Obeid and his team fixed it immediately. It looks perfect! The staff were very kind and his dog was a great… read more

    Yuki May
    enero 18, 2020

    I am an Endodontist who knows and appreciates Dr. Obeid’s outstanding talents. I refer my patients to him and go to him for dental care. His abilities are… read more

    Edward Gamson
    enero 18, 2020

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