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We were early adopters to these new advances and advantages in the digital world and how they apply to dentistry. One area that is crucial for both diagnosis and treatment is the CBCT. Obeid Dental is proud to use the PlanMeca CBCT for the latest advances in the field of 3D CBCT scans and the world leader in CT scan safety.
A patient is able to obtain a CBCT scan at any point during treatment, and while the scans are particularly helpful for diagnosis, the technology has an elemental role in the treatment phase as well.
The CBCT offers a 3D rendering of the patient’s full mouth, including nerves, bite alignment and sinus area. Pre-surgical review of these scans allows us to fully plan the site and position of each implant, with relation to bite, bone quality and nerves.
Using 3D printing technology, we are able to create a precise surgical guide customized to your biomechanics.

Obeid Dental has partnered with 3Shape, a world-renowned leader in digital technology and digital design, to bring our patients the TRIOS scanner. The TRIOS scanner allows us to pivot away from the older, messier way of taking impressions to scan the patient’s mouth digitally. The result is a clear, precise digital image that can be used to design the perfect restoration.

We utilize the scans for diagnosis, final impressions for crowns and bridges, implant impressions, making nightguards and dentures, and, pending FDA approval, caries detection. Our experience with the quality of the scan has been fantastic. The fabricated dental restorations fit better and need fewer adjustments, thus reducing the patient’s time in the dental chair.

Our milling machine allows us to create a restoration out of any standard dental material, including porcelain, Zirconia, titanium, E-Max and all types of acrylic. Our 5 Axis milling machine – the highest in industry- ensures the most accurate creation and the best fitting restoration.

The materials that are used in the machine are denser, have less porosity and are stronger. It allows us to shorten the fabrication time, resulting in a faster turn around time. By having the machine in our office, we do not outsource to high volume dental labs, and all work is inspected throughout the process before being hand finished by our master technician. It is truly the best of both worlds.

Obeid Dental utilizes the FORMLAB 3D printer as part of our digital technology workflow. The FORMLAB technology, compliments the software and analysis of our other digital elements including the CTCB and TRIOS scanner. Using precise modeling software, we are able to visualize, adapt and create custom restorations in a full range of dental materials. Dr. Obeid works in tandem with our master technician to ensure any restoration is aesthetically flawless. The digital process is monitored and enhanced by our master technician from start to finish and the results are stunning. FORMLAB printer offers the same materials that are used in traditional labs. Digital printing allows for dental models, surgical guides, night guards, temporary crowns and bridges to be made with absolute precision in a fraction of the time.

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