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Implant Retained Dentures

For a denture to succeed, three items must be present:

  • Stability
  • Support
  • Retention

When you lose your teeth and you wear a removable denture the remaining bone will start to deteriorate, thus reducing the amount of stability, support and retention.

At Obeid Dental we recommend placing a few implants to help restore the loss of function. Adding dental implants will help in preserving the bone height. Dental implants will also improve your diet, by having a stable denture, your ability to chew will open your world to foods you would otherwise be avoiding, thus eliminating the number one complaint of conventional denture wearers.

The more implants that Dr. Obeid places, the more retention and stability will be provided.  Dr. Obeid will discuss all of your options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We are very sensitive to your financial needs as most of this work will be an out of pocket expense.

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Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures are the latest advancement in dentistry. Dr. Obeid is recognized nationwide for pioneering use of this technology. Obeid Dental was featured on CNN to discuss the procedures of fabricating a digital denture. Obeid Dental is one of the most experienced providers to offer this treatment in the DC Metro Area and nationwide.

The Digital Denture fabrication requires fewer visits than conventional dentures. The design and fabrication is made using a direct relationship with leading manufacturers and the results are amazing.


 Digital Dentures Example
 Digital Dentures Technology

Some of the advantages of digital dentures include:

  • A vastly more comfortable fit.
  • The material used also have dramatically reduced bacterial adherence, eliminating a bad denture odor.
  • It is much stronger than a conventional denture and uses less material giving the denture a thinner appearance and feel.
  • Your unique denture specifications are stored on a digital file. If your denture is ever lost, a new denture can be fabricated without the need of a clinical procedure. Our office will use the existing digital file and your denture will be milled as an exact copy.
Computer Aided Design for Dentures
Computer Aided Design (CAD) allows freedom of design. Patients are able to see a realistic view of the finished product prior to milling and we can make immediate adjustments to shape, color and translucency.
 CAD designed DenturesThe  software utilizes digital imaging to create an accurate fit.
Computer Guided Milling ProcessThe computer guided milling process.

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Conventional Dentures

If a digital denture is not recommended, a conventional denture can be fabricated. Comparatively, a conventional denture typically requires additional appointments for impressions and measurement, but still provides an outstanding esthetic and functional result.