Full Zirconia Dental Implants

Welcome to Obeid Dental, the home of the zirconia ceramic implant. My name is Dr. Obeid. I’m a board-certified prosthodontist and expert on the zirconia ceramic implant. The first question that people ask, what are zirconia implants? Well, they are similar to regular conventional implants. They are teeth replacement therapy. They are completely made out of zirconia and they are tooth-like in color. And the whole idea is to replace missing teeth. All the components of the zirconia implants are made of porcelain. So when you have the final prosthesis, the final outcome is much nicer than the conventional porcelain fused to metal and the metal implant.

Now people come in and they want to have zirconia implants. Well, the first thing we do is take a look. We do a clinical examination and a clinical evaluation and we’ll determine if the patient is a candidate for an implant. That means do they have the bone volume, bone height, bone width, and then we go ahead and proceed to place the implants. The first phase is the surgical phase. That is similar to conventional implants. You place the implant inside the bone. You’ll let the implant heal for a time of two or three months, and then you get back and you start the restorative phase and you place the abutment and you put the final crown if you are replacing one tooth or bridge if you’re replacing multiple teeth.

The treatment starts to finish will take anywhere from three to four months, depending on the healing and the amount of bone or bone graft that is needed. If you want to find out that zirconia implant is the right treatment for you, please contact us and set up a complimentary consultation. Thank you.

Please call Obeid Dental at (301) 652-9505 if you have any questions or to set up an appointment. We serve the Chevy Chase, MD area.


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Porcelain Veneers

Welcome to Obeid Dental, your destination for porcelain veneers and top cosmetic dental procedures in the DC metropolitan area. My name is Dr. Obeid. I’m a board-certified prosthodontist and I helped thousands of patients improve their smile.

Porcelain veneers are non-invasive dental procedures that will make a big improvement in the smiles of our patients. They are made from thin layers of porcelain and will be cemented on top of the teeth. The process starts with an initial consultation and a clinical evaluation. Models and impressions will be made and handmade wax-up will be fabricated of the desired outcome. That markup will be tried in and a separate and second appointment. And we will try the new look and see if any adjustments will be needed.

When the mock-up on the patients is approved, we then proceed to the clinical steps of preparing the teeth, doing the final impression, and the delivery of the final veneers on the third or the fourth appointment. So you’d be looking at three to four appointments, start to finish, to get the final outcome. And of course, all the veneers are made in our in-house lab. And that is really our secret sauce, which will allow us to get the best result and be able to match the teeth or create the most desired aesthetics.

What are the indications for dental veneers? We can definitely use dental veneers to treat discolored teeth with great success, to close the spaces, small and large, to treat teeth trauma that caused a fracture of the teeth without the need to put crowns and doing invasive procedures, and then to treat small teeth that are caused by some congenital diseases. So there’s a lot of indications for porcelain veneers. You need to have us take a look at it, do a clinical evaluation. So we will ask if you’d like to have some more information, contact us for a complimentary consultation. You can send us an email at info@obeiddental.com and you’re more than welcome to visit our website at obeiddental.com. Thank you.

Please call Obeid Dental at (301) 652-9505 if you have any questions or to set up an appointment. We serve the Chevy Chase, MD area.


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Dental Implant Crowns 101 from Dr Youssef Obeid, Board Certified Prosthodontist in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Let me explain to you the different style of implants and the component that gets on top of it that helped makes a crown. Each implant crown complex is usually made out of three components. You have the part that goes inside the bone, that’s the implant, and the crown that’s going to fit on top of that implants with the help of an intermediate piece, and that’s called the abutment. Each implant is made of three components. The implant, the abutments that will connect the crown to the implant itself.

There are different types of crowns, different types of abutment, different types of implants. Mainly, you have, again, the piece that goes inside the bone. For example, right here, you have a standard abutment. This is a piece that comes out of a box. One size fits all. You can still make a crown on top of it, but sometimes you need more sophistication and more design customization. For that, we need to do a custom abutment. And that’s actually the piece that I use more in my practice.

We customize it through either our lab technicians or digital dentistry, and then we make a crown on top of it. The advantage of this is it’s unique for each patient and it will help provide the most accurate and the nicest emergence profile so you don’t have food get between your teeth and will help match the teeth size and color and works very well with the gum and with the surrounding tissue.

There are different styles of implant crowns like this for example. It’s a little bit more of a one-piece. It’s still there is an abutment that will be cemented to the crown but this will become one piece that will be screwed into your implants. We like doing this whenever we can. That requires a very precise implant placement and location. And the beauty of it is if something happened, it’s easily replaceable. We’re talking about the crown that gets on top of that implant. Let’s say with time, what we’re seeing nowadays is teeth shift implants because it is implanted solid in the bone. It doesn’t move so we might need to add some material to the sides to provide intimate contacts. We can easily unscrew this, add some components, and put it back in. That’s the advantage of this style of design.

And then, of course, you have the all-ceramic implant. In this particular case, it’s a zirconia implant. It’s the only material available for us to do all-ceramic implants. As you can see, it’s tooth-colored. It’s very bioinert. All the components of the all-ceramic implants are made out of ceramic. The screw that helps secure the abutments to the implant is a fiberglass or carbon fiber. You sell making all those ceramic crowns. So in case if you have any metal allergy or if you want to have more bioinert material and stay away from metal completely, we have the solution for you.

Learn more about dental implant crowns process here. Please call the office at (301) 652-9505 if you have any questions or to set up an appointment. We serve the Chevy Chase, MD area.

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Cosmetic Dentistry during Covid-19 time: Dr Youssef Obeid DDS FACP, Obeid Dental, Chevy Chase MD

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the need to have cosmetic dentistry done doing COVID-19 times for a lot of different reasons. One, “Is it safe to get these procedures done?”

And the others say, “We don’t get to go out as much, and if we do, we’re wearing masks, so nobody gets to see our smiles. A lot of people are working from home as we are telecommunicating, we don’t see our friends, we don’t see our colleagues and we don’t know how long this is going to last.”

And my answer always has been, “During, before or after COVID, you do these procedures for yourself, and if you need them, you need them, if you need a smile makeover, you need a smile makeover, now, tomorrow, during, or after COVID as long as these procedures are done by experts in their fields, in a safe environment, and done properly.”

Learn more about how we protect our patients and staff at our COVID-19 page. Call our office for your next dental appointment at (301) 652-9505. We serve the Chevy Chase, MD area.

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Patients Express Appreciation For Covid-19 Safety Precautions at Obeid Dental

Patients may be wondering if it is safe to receive dental treatment at this time. At Obeid Dental, the answer is YES.

For our patients of record  and potential NEW patients who may have some concerns regarding addressing their dental issues during this challenging time, we offer some testimonials from patients who have been seen in our dental office in the past few months:

Here are a few testimonials from our patients:

“I feel great anytime I come to see Dr. Obeid because he’s magnificent. But even with the COVID-19 going around and everybody feeling unsafe, everybody’s in here wearing masks, everybody’s completely clean. It’s very sterile and completely safe to come in.”

“I feel very comfortable. I worry a lot about these things. I’m very, very careful. And Dr. Obeid is at the highest level of cleanliness and he’s very meticulous about his habits.”

“This was the first building I’ve been inside in the last two months other than my own house. And somehow Dr. Obeid and his staff managed to beat back a lifetime of dental neglect under these circumstances in a matter of a couple of hours. So I’m very, very grateful to him and his staff for the care and their expertise. And I have a much healthier mouth now, even in this pandemic.”

Dr. Obeid also says, “Thank you for your trust in me and our team before, during, and after the pandemic. We’ll be looking forward to seeing more of you in the next weeks and months. Please stay safe and see you soon.”

Obeid Dental is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of patients and staff. We have taken many steps to make sure you feel safe, confident, and relaxed during your care with us, and that you do not delay addressing your dental needs due to COVID-19 concerns.

What you can expect from OBEID DENTAL:

  • We adhere to the strictest infection controls in Dentistry, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and the Maryland Department of Health. (A letter to the MDH certifying that our practice meets all CDC requirements was sent and is posted at the office).
  • Covid-19 Questionnaire prior to each patient appointment to ensure the negative presence of symptoms or risk factors for the virus (shift or alter appointment if symptoms or risk factor is present). Staff is also required to confirm weekly.
  • Obtain temperature checks prior to any procedures. Temperature log maintained to document staff temperature.
  • Our ‘One Patient At A Time’ care philosophy minimizes your overlap with unknown persons
  • We have limited the scheduled patients to 4 per day. This allows us to maintain social distancing and ensure each room is used just once before being thoroughly disinfected and sealed off until the next business day.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection: our office and operatories are always clean but we have taken additional measures to ensure that we are have added a new level of protection. We disinfect high touch and higher traffic areas throughout the day with EPA-approved disinfectants. The floors, cabinets, and sinks of each room all cleaned each day with disinfectant.
  • All staff, including administrative, will wear PPE at all times.
  • We have maintainability of a minimum of 2 weeks of surgical PPE on the premises at all times, exceeding the CDC guidelines.
  • We invite you to review the CDC guidelines for dentists at their website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/dental-settings.html

What we ask of YOU:

  • Symptomatic Patients: if you are experiencing symptoms of infection please contact us to reschedule your appointment once you are symptom-free.
  • Face Masks: We are asking everyone to wear a facemask when in the office to protect themselves and the staff. If you do not have a facemask, we will provide one for you.
  • Limit Patient and Staff Exposure: To minimize overcrowding, if you have someone with you who is not necessary to your care, or we ask that you have them wait in the car or outside of the waiting room.
  • Sanitation: please practice appropriate hand-washing and utilize hand sanitizers directly before and immediately after your appointment. We are equipped with these materials if they are not available to you and will be happy to provide them to you upon your arrival.

Obeid Dental is located in Chevy Chase, MD. If you would like a dental consultation, contact us at (301) 652-9505. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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COVID-19 and Dental Care at Obeid Dental

Patients and friends of Obeid Dental, I just want to give you an idea of where we’re going in the next month when we are ready to get back to work. Some of the things that you’re going to see when you are coming in, is some minor changes. It’s just to protect you and protect us and protect the public. The first thing that we’re doing is we’re locking the door so only our patients allow it to come in. So please, when you were ready and you’re close to the parking lot, give us a call, or if you’re by the door, call us, and we’ll let you in if nobody is at the front desk. The other thing that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to have to take your temperature when you come in, also visually you’re going to see us wearing gloves and masks all the time, not just only a clinical room.

We’re also got to try to avoid having any paper or anything in the waiting room. So when you come in, we’re going to try to take you to the clinical treatment room anyway. Our office is set up with four fully functional clinical rooms, and what are we going to do is we’re going to see one patient in each room per day. So we’re going to be limiting our patients to four patients a day. Again, it’s just to reduce as much as possible, almost to zero, the cross-contamination. Each of our rooms is self-contained. So it has a door and when we’re working, the door will be closed, and when we’re done after it’s get cleaned, the door will be closed again, and it will stay close for the remaining of the day.

As you can see, each of these rooms are, you’ve seen it before, but if you’re not our regular patients, each one of these rooms is individually set up. And even our expanded new space, which we are very proud of. We’re going to put it to use right now more than ever before. This big room is our surgical suite, and it’s almost the same thing. One patient at a time. As you can see, there is no clutter, nothing on the surface. Everything gets to be clean and sterilized and disinfected. This surface is glass. These cabinets on metal, so we can spray it and disinfect it. We also will be able to do the same thing with the floor, and after we get done with the floor, we’ll close the door, and that room, as I said, will stay closed for the remaining of the day.

If we have to have you wait or you’re bringing somebody with you, we have another separate waiting room that you can wait in, and this room also can be closed, and we clean it also after you leave. We’re taking away all the reading materials, any magazines, so if you want to entertain yourself, you can bring your computer or your own reading materials. Another room, which is our fourth room, that will allow us to do all these procedures, like I said, in a closed environment. We will have everybody rinse with hydrogen peroxide 1% for 30 seconds. That is proven to kill all the viruses, even if you have COVID, so we can work with a clean environment. We will be working, myself, and my assistants, with a face shield. So if you see that, don’t get alarmed. That’s just the new norm for the time being.

The other advantage that we have is our in-house lab is still functioning pretty well, and that’s the main advantage of Obeid Dental, is we do our work in the office, and that’s a huge plus for you because of the quality control and the reductions of the cross-contamination. So a lot of changes, all of them are appointed to protect you, protect us, and protect the public. We’ll keep you updated on when we’re about to start. This office is not the same without its patients that its employee, and we love to have these things back at it again. Stay safe, and we’ll hope to see you soon.

Obeid Dental is located in Chevy Chase, MD. If you would like a dental consultation, contact us at (301) 652-9505. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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Obeid Dental and COVID-19: Steps to Ensure Your Safety at Our Dentistry

Obeid Dental is implementing safety procedures that will ensure your safety, our safety, and public safety.

I just want to share with you some of the steps that we are implementing to ensure your safety, our safety, and public safety, during the COVID-19 epidemic. All these steps are made to provide you comfort and insurance that you are going to be getting a safe procedure at Obeid Dental, and what actually you should be looking at anywhere else.

The rooms will be kept closed. So when we get the patients, we will open the door, we’ll get the patient in. We are going to be wearing the proper PPE, disposable gowns for every single patient, headcover. We are going to be wearing an N95 mask that will ensure that no virus of any size will go through it. We will also be wearing a face shield, and this will go exactly the same way for my assistant.

When you come in, we’ve done this before, and it’s always nice to keep doing this. We always have our instruments packed. We don’t open it until the patients walk into the room. All the necessary equipment will then get it out of the drawer and put it out. So this way we reduce the amount of drawer open and closing during the procedure.

While we’re working, my assistant and I will be using high power suction. And we have two. It’s great to have two, most of the chairs have one, but having two will help eliminate any aerosol in the air, thus reducing the risk of having COVID in the air.

We always see one patient at a time. I will never leave my patients to go to attend to another patient. We’ve always done that and we’re not about to change this right now. One of the other advantages that we have here at the office, is I envision if I have to do some grinding, instead of spreading dust in the air, I have equipped our dental office with a box. So let’s say if I have a denture, if I have a crown, if I have to grind anything, instead of grinding it and having everything gets in the air, I’ll go, I grind and everything is done under containment, and with some suction to get rid of all the small particles in the air to reduce cross-contamination.

When we finish the procedure, we’ll take the patient, and we guide him to the front where he can sign out and do his paperwork. Then our work will start again by making sure that the room is clean and ready for the next patient. The way we do it is we’ll take all the instruments out. We clean it, disinfect it, but for the room itself, we’re going to BioEx it, which is using a powerful disinfectant. This is medical grade. And then basically everything is going to be wiped out. I’m just going to go over everything, over the top of the cabinets, the handle. That’s the advantage of having a high-end cabinet. The top is glass. The drawer and the handles are metal, so they can take on the most powerful disinfectant. Everything’s going to be wiped out. Everything in the room will be wiped out.

You’ve got the point. And when we finish, we’re going to go ahead and also the floor will be sprayed with a strong disinfectant. We have porcelain tiles so we’ll be using the appropriate disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs. We spray, we mop the whole floor. You’ve got the point. And then when we finish, we’re going to close the door, but we’re going to keep the air filtration working for the rest of the day. And when the procedure is done, we get out, close the door, and this door will stay closed for the duration of the day and we’ll open and we get the room ready the next day.

It might be overkill, but it’s probably the best thing that we can do right now is to provide more protections for our patient and make sure to give the patient the state of mind that they’re going to come in, they’re going to have a safe procedure, and when they are going to leave, they’re going to leave also knowing that they didn’t get any things or they didn’t put any of their safety at danger.

We’ll love to see you as soon. I just want to make sure that I went through all these steps to ensure that we’re ready. And when you come in, we’ll be more than happy to see you in the safest possible environments in dentistry. See you soon. We’ll let you know when we’re about to open and start seeing patients again. In the meantime, please stay safe and see you later.

Obeid Dental is located in Chevy Chase, MD. If you would like a dental consultation, contact us at (301) 652-9505. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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Dental Implants and How They Work

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons: gum disease, tooth decay, a failing root canal, bad dentistry, or as a result of an impact injury to the mouth. The loss of a tooth can be a physically and emotionally traumatic experience for any of us.

dental implants Obeid Dental


dental implants Obeid Dental


The good news is that is doesn’t have to be that way. At Obeid Dental we have the skills and experience to replace your teeth with dental implants with minimum invasive surgery and the maximum aesthetic outcome.

What is a Dental Implant and how does it work?

Dental implants are made to replace the roots of your teeth and are generally titanium implants or ceramic implants. These materials have proven to bond the body’s natural bone. The implant itself is divided into 3 parts:

  1. The implant body (which is inserted into the bone of your jaw, and generally takes 2-4 months to integrate and heal)
  2. The tooth ‘crown’ that sits above the gum line
  3. The intermediate abutment that connects the implant to the crown

Once the implant is integrated into the bone of the jaw it is quite strong and serves as a good foundation for supporting the crown. The dental implant will function just like your own natural tooth, and you will be able to eat and speak as you normally do.

dental implants Obeid Dental


dental implants 3 Obeid Dental


At Obeid Dental, we understand that the decision to get dental implants is not always an easy one. Often the need for implants is the result of pain or trauma. Many patients wonder how long an implant will last or if they should just “leave a tooth a hole in their mouth”. Understanding new innovations in the industry and materials are important in ensuring each individual has the best fit for their particular implant needs. That knowledge, combined with Dr. Obeid’s 20+ years of experience in placing dental implants provides our patients with incredible insight into what will work better for them.

What are the steps to getting an implant?

It starts with a complimentary consultation and a detailed treatment plan presentation. During that time Dr. Obeid will evaluate your dental needs. This is followed by:

  1. Treatment plan discussion to review all options and agree on a plan of action
  2. Start of the initial phase of treatment, which could include extraction of your tooth and immediate or delayed placement of the implant
  3. Provide a temporary solution for the replacement of your teeth during the healing process.

No one leaves Obeid Dental without teeth, temporary or permanent. During the interim period, post-surgery, we will provide temporary prostheses in the same day, which are custom-fitted to you. After you are healed, the final restoration (the tooth crown) will be placed on top of the implant and your implant will be complete.

At Obeid Dental, your implant restoration will be fabricated in our in-house dental laboratory by our master dental technician. In some cases, we are able to do what is known as Immediate Placement Implants or Teeth in a Day, where the temporary fixed restoration is placed at the same time as the implant. Dr. Obeid will be able to evaluate your particular needs and situation during the complimentary consultation.

There are more than three million (3,000,000) dental implants in the United States with 500,000 being done each year. The aesthetic look of dental implants are so good that no one can tell the difference- it looks like your own tooth!

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Top 5 Things to Know About Sports Related Injury

Top 5 Things to Know About Sports Related Dental Injury

  1. Trauma to the mouth is one of the more common head injuries in sports. Students are participating by record numbers in sports that have longer, more intensive competitive seasons. Our area is especially rich with teens who compete in contact sports, often on the grueling ‘travel team’ schedule. Adults are cross training and biking more than ever and a fall or injury is not uncommon.
    A basketball injury resulted in a displaced tooth.

    A basketball injury resulted in a displaced tooth.




    A biking injury resulted in a significant fracture.

    A biking injury resulted in a significant fracture.

  2. Injuries can occur in almost any sport. Statistically, basketball, football, biking, hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, and soccer have the highest prevalence. However, dental injury isn’t limited to any gender or age. Female dominated sports such as cheerleading and gymnastics also require physical contact and have a high chance of facial injury. In adults we have seen the increase in incidents from biking and cross training injuries. Senior citizens, a group plagued by balance issues, often try to support their body when they fall and   end up with a facial injury. 

    A hockey injury resulted in a fully fractured tooth.

    A hockey injury resulted in a fully fractured tooth.

  3. The type of injury matters. We all have that image of an athlete who comes up from a headbutt with a bloody mouth and gap in their smile. But tiny injuries such a hairline fractures, chips in the enamel or a split that segments the tooth are gateways to larger problems. Even a tiny fissure or chip can make your tooth less strong and lead to larger fixes down the road. More serious is a bone fracture, which may be present even if a tooth is not dislodged. If gone unchecked the damage to the bone can jeopardize multiple teeth. 

    Multiple fractured teeth due to a fall.

    Multiple fractured teeth due to a fall.

  4. If a tooth is damaged or lost, try to save the piece for reinsertion. Keep the tooth in a small amount of liquid.  Milk or salt water are common home remedies, but ideally you should use a physiologic solution to preserve the tooth. Small jars such as Save-a-Tooth are readily available and are manufactured to preserve a tooth for reinsertion. This is an inexpensive addition to a team’s first aid kit and extends the window for repair and reinsertion of a fully fractured or dislodged tooth. If you don’t have access to a physiologic solution, you can utilize milk, water with a tiny bit of salt and sugar mixed, or even saliva to keep the tooth moist. Be sure to keep the tooth or fractured piece clean. You can gently clean the tooth by rinsing or wiping gently (not with alcohol).  See a dentist as soon as you can. 

    A cycling injury led to a significant tooth fracture.

    A cycling injury led to a significant tooth fracture.

  5. If you have take a hard hit to the mouth but have no breakage, still consult with a dental specialist.  Most people will seek treatment for a lingering pain or obvious fracture but if you incur a strong impact it is worth getting a check. Tooth damage can take time to appear.  Your dentist has lots of way to repair a tooth, even one where you aren’t seeing or feeling the immediate damage. The most important thing to know when it come to dental injury is time is of the essence.  Remember that permanent fixes may not be available until a child is 18 or older. Because they have not reached the full growth of mouth and jaw structure, it can be challenging to fit a permanent fix such as an implant. Prevention is key: a sports mouth guard is an important tool to minimize risk. A dentist fitted mouth guard is far superior to mass produced options and will provide the most protection with the most comfortable fit. Remember, a guard only works if you are wearing it!

    This patient suffered a dental injury while playing lacrosse but delayed seeking treatment. The resulting nerve damage darkened the color of the affected tooth.

    This patient suffered a dental injury while playing lacrosse but delayed seeking treatment. The resulting nerve damage darkened the color of the affected tooth.

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