Obeid Dental and COVID-19: Steps to Ensure Your Safety at Our Dentistry

Obeid Dental is implementing safety procedures that will ensure your safety, our safety, and public safety.

I just want to share with you some of the steps that we are implementing to ensure your safety, our safety, and public safety, during the COVID-19 epidemic. All these steps are made to provide you comfort and insurance that you are going to be getting a safe procedure at Obeid Dental, and what actually you should be looking at anywhere else.

The rooms will be kept closed. So when we get the patients, we will open the door, we’ll get the patient in. We are going to be wearing the proper PPE, disposable gowns for every single patient, headcover. We are going to be wearing an N95 mask that will ensure that no virus of any size will go through it. We will also be wearing a face shield, and this will go exactly the same way for my assistant.

When you come in, we’ve done this before, and it’s always nice to keep doing this. We always have our instruments packed. We don’t open it until the patients walk into the room. All the necessary equipment will then get it out of the drawer and put it out. So this way we reduce the amount of drawer open and closing during the procedure.

While we’re working, my assistant and I will be using high power suction. And we have two. It’s great to have two, most of the chairs have one, but having two will help eliminate any aerosol in the air, thus reducing the risk of having COVID in the air.

We always see one patient at a time. I will never leave my patients to go to attend to another patient. We’ve always done that and we’re not about to change this right now. One of the other advantages that we have here at the office, is I envision if I have to do some grinding, instead of spreading dust in the air, I have equipped our dental office with a box. So let’s say if I have a denture, if I have a crown, if I have to grind anything, instead of grinding it and having everything gets in the air, I’ll go, I grind and everything is done under containment, and with some suction to get rid of all the small particles in the air to reduce cross-contamination.

When we finish the procedure, we’ll take the patient, and we guide him to the front where he can sign out and do his paperwork. Then our work will start again by making sure that the room is clean and ready for the next patient. The way we do it is we’ll take all the instruments out. We clean it, disinfect it, but for the room itself, we’re going to BioEx it, which is using a powerful disinfectant. This is medical grade. And then basically everything is going to be wiped out. I’m just going to go over everything, over the top of the cabinets, the handle. That’s the advantage of having a high-end cabinet. The top is glass. The drawer and the handles are metal, so they can take on the most powerful disinfectant. Everything’s going to be wiped out. Everything in the room will be wiped out.

You’ve got the point. And when we finish, we’re going to go ahead and also the floor will be sprayed with a strong disinfectant. We have porcelain tiles so we’ll be using the appropriate disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs. We spray, we mop the whole floor. You’ve got the point. And then when we finish, we’re going to close the door, but we’re going to keep the air filtration working for the rest of the day. And when the procedure is done, we get out, close the door, and this door will stay closed for the duration of the day and we’ll open and we get the room ready the next day.

It might be overkill, but it’s probably the best thing that we can do right now is to provide more protections for our patient and make sure to give the patient the state of mind that they’re going to come in, they’re going to have a safe procedure, and when they are going to leave, they’re going to leave also knowing that they didn’t get any things or they didn’t put any of their safety at danger.

We’ll love to see you as soon. I just want to make sure that I went through all these steps to ensure that we’re ready. And when you come in, we’ll be more than happy to see you in the safest possible environments in dentistry. See you soon. We’ll let you know when we’re about to open and start seeing patients again. In the meantime, please stay safe and see you later.

Obeid Dental is located in Chevy Chase, MD. If you would like a dental consultation, contact us at (301) 652-9505. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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