COVID-19 and Dental Care at Obeid Dental

Patients and friends of Obeid Dental, I just want to give you an idea of where we’re going in the next month when we are ready to get back to work. Some of the things that you’re going to see when you are coming in, is some minor changes. It’s just to protect you and protect us and protect the public. The first thing that we’re doing is we’re locking the door so only our patients allow it to come in. So please, when you were ready and you’re close to the parking lot, give us a call, or if you’re by the door, call us, and we’ll let you in if nobody is at the front desk. The other thing that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to have to take your temperature when you come in, also visually you’re going to see us wearing gloves and masks all the time, not just only a clinical room.

We’re also got to try to avoid having any paper or anything in the waiting room. So when you come in, we’re going to try to take you to the clinical treatment room anyway. Our office is set up with four fully functional clinical rooms, and what are we going to do is we’re going to see one patient in each room per day. So we’re going to be limiting our patients to four patients a day. Again, it’s just to reduce as much as possible, almost to zero, the cross-contamination. Each of our rooms is self-contained. So it has a door and when we’re working, the door will be closed, and when we’re done after it’s get cleaned, the door will be closed again, and it will stay close for the remaining of the day.

As you can see, each of these rooms are, you’ve seen it before, but if you’re not our regular patients, each one of these rooms is individually set up. And even our expanded new space, which we are very proud of. We’re going to put it to use right now more than ever before. This big room is our surgical suite, and it’s almost the same thing. One patient at a time. As you can see, there is no clutter, nothing on the surface. Everything gets to be clean and sterilized and disinfected. This surface is glass. These cabinets on metal, so we can spray it and disinfect it. We also will be able to do the same thing with the floor, and after we get done with the floor, we’ll close the door, and that room, as I said, will stay closed for the remaining of the day.

If we have to have you wait or you’re bringing somebody with you, we have another separate waiting room that you can wait in, and this room also can be closed, and we clean it also after you leave. We’re taking away all the reading materials, any magazines, so if you want to entertain yourself, you can bring your computer or your own reading materials. Another room, which is our fourth room, that will allow us to do all these procedures, like I said, in a closed environment. We will have everybody rinse with hydrogen peroxide 1% for 30 seconds. That is proven to kill all the viruses, even if you have COVID, so we can work with a clean environment. We will be working, myself, and my assistants, with a face shield. So if you see that, don’t get alarmed. That’s just the new norm for the time being.

The other advantage that we have is our in-house lab is still functioning pretty well, and that’s the main advantage of Obeid Dental, is we do our work in the office, and that’s a huge plus for you because of the quality control and the reductions of the cross-contamination. So a lot of changes, all of them are appointed to protect you, protect us, and protect the public. We’ll keep you updated on when we’re about to start. This office is not the same without its patients that its employee, and we love to have these things back at it again. Stay safe, and we’ll hope to see you soon.

Obeid Dental is located in Chevy Chase, MD. If you would like a dental consultation, contact us at (301) 652-9505. We serve Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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