Cosmetic Dentistry during Covid-19 time: Dr Youssef Obeid DDS FACP, Obeid Dental, Chevy Chase MD

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the need to have cosmetic dentistry done doing COVID-19 times for a lot of different reasons. One, “Is it safe to get these procedures done?”

And the others say, “We don’t get to go out as much, and if we do, we’re wearing masks, so nobody gets to see our smiles. A lot of people are working from home as we are telecommunicating, we don’t see our friends, we don’t see our colleagues and we don’t know how long this is going to last.”

And my answer always has been, “During, before or after COVID, you do these procedures for yourself, and if you need them, you need them, if you need a smile makeover, you need a smile makeover, now, tomorrow, during, or after COVID as long as these procedures are done by experts in their fields, in a safe environment, and done properly.”

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